Kelvin McPherson

Born in Guyana in 1966, Kelvin has worked with kids at Heavy Hitters for over 3 years. Kelvin puts in over 10 hours a week at the gym, training youth ages 6 -18 years of age. His boxing experience is deep and thorough, competing in the Guyana Defense Force boxing team for over 5 years. He is known to have a perpetual smile on his face that lights up the room. His favorite and most missed food from Guyana is “cookup rice”, where special meats, exotic vegetables, and hand-picked rice are cooked in a single pot to create a distinctive, nutritious meal. Kelvin drives a cab in the city of New London. He demands a strict work ethic from his students, all the while sharing his unique life stories and incomparable life skill techniques.

Jesse Costley

Born in Wellsville, NY in 1975, Jesse brings an enormous wrestling background to the Heavy Hitters program. As an NFA wrestler, he was a three-time class LL champion and one-time runner-up, a two-time open champion and one-time runner-up, and took third place in the New England championships in 1994. He is a quiet and humble instructor, giving his all on the mat for the kids for over a year. Jesse teaches kids ranging in age from 5-18. He enjoys playing guitar and singing, drawing inspiration from a variety of styles and artists.

John DeCastro

Born in 1963 in the great fighting city of Philadelphia, John lived in Iceland before moving to Groton. He is a two-time kickboxing title belt holder and his experience is vast, which includes a combined 29 years of boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts training and has been teaching and coaching Heavy Hitters kids for over a year. John works between 8 -10 hours a week instructing kids and young adults ranging in age from 8 -18. John is a civil engineer who works for the state of Connecticut’s Department of Transportation.  He demonstrates that kids staying in school and furthering their education is an important and integral part of the Heavy Hitters program.

Sam Murallo

Born in New London in 1948, Sam has been a boxing and kickboxing leader for over 20 years. He holds a third degree black belt in martial arts and teaches kids from 8-18 years since the inception of the Heavy Hitters program. Sam coaches the kids 12 hours a week and has been a dedicated instructor for many years prior to coming to the gym. He is a living example of the three keys of his teachings: education, conditioning, and discipline. Few people know, but Sam won the master’s division championship while running with the Mohegan Striders in 1990. His multiple-pronged approach to training and self-awareness make Sam another valued member of the coaching staff. He plays electric guitar and attributes his style of play to Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Rashib Robledo

Born in New London in 1975, Rashib brings wrestling to a new level at Heavy Hitters. He coached his brother, Eric Murphy, which resulted in three ECC championships, two state championships and two runner-ups, and in 2003, 4th in the New England championships, all the while at New London High School. Rashib has put in 15-20 hours a week working with the kids for the last year. His dedication and demand for excellence has helped many kids develop not only their physical conditioning, but more importantly, their self-esteem. He is exceptionally religious with an incredibly strong faith and attributes the athletic gifts he has been given to God.

Fred Weaver

Born south of the Mason-Dixon Line in Ahoskie, North Carolina in 1965, Fred served 3 years in the U.S. Army and boxed in the finals of the All-Army Team. While living in New London in the early 80’s, he drove to Coventry, CT at least twice a week to further his training, as there were no boxing gyms available locally at that time. He was the winner of the Golden Gloves in Massachusetts in 1990.His demand for a consistently high work ethic from his students has been incredibly effective for the two years he has trained youth at Heavy Hitters. Fred is a dedicated family man, married with five children, and upon hearing that he lost his wedding ring in the gym, his wife responded (emphatically), “You better get another one, quick!” Fred wears his replacement ring faithfully and proudly.