Heavy Hitters USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in New London, Connecticut to provide after-school and early evening boxing, wrestling, and conditioning programs for kids and young adults from New London and surrounding towns. At the present time, we have over fifty (50) kids between the ages of eight and eighteen years old enrolled in Heavy Hitters membership. The kids are not charged fees if they are in school and meet criteria for behavior in school, in the gym, and on the "streets" of their respective towns. Boxing and strength training are very appealing to kids and your adults, and when these participants are in a gym surrounded by adults from various backgrounds and professions, very positive things happen.

In our program, we teach the young people how to develop positive attitudes and good work ethics. Using principals of athletics, we have an opportunity to teach them how to make sound decisions concerning sports, as well as everyday life. We are a small part of the community and stand to reinforce the concepts of education, school athletics, and career opportunities that young people have heard from teachers and advisors.

Community organizations such as Heavy Hitters not only offer a deterrent for at-risk behavior but also serve as a progressive and productive alternative which ensures the welfare and success of the community. In order to survive, local businesses, organizations and corporations have teamed with us to make the importance of providing safe haven for inner-city and disadvantaged youth a community project.


Thank you for your support.

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Kent Ward
Program Director

Heavy Hitters Mission is to provide after school and summer mentoring for at-risk youth to develop life and work readiness skills that include life skills and fitness training to foster a positive, healthy and conscientious lifestyle.

Heavy Hitters USA utilizes athleticism as a vehicle to promote constructive lifestyle choices and overcome barriers facing today's youth and young adults.  Programs include Fitness Training and Life Skills Seminars.

Any child in today's society may be at risk, and mentorship for these children is the heart of our program.  These at-risk youth are teamed with coaches and mentors to develop self-respect, discipline and participate in community service.  We integrate experts in exercise physiology, nutrition and counseling to address lifestyle choices and provide a positive outlet.  Our mentors, in conjunction with local law enforcement, the public school system and partnering community organizations, emphasize the importance of staying in school and respect of self and others.

Everyday in the United States, as many as 15 million children leave school with no place to go other than the streets.  And everyday, many of these youth are involved in crime, join gangs, or experiment with sex, alcohol and drugs.

There is an alternative for our at-risk youth.  We offer constructive, stimulating activities that increase confidence and self-awareness, enhance self-esteem, develop trust in relationships and encourage achievement at home, in school and within the community.