Fall 2014 Update

From Kent Ward, Executive Director: HH USA

First, let me wish Team Strike Zone, on behalf of everyone from HH USA, the best of luck in their new location. Big “D” and the men and women of Team Strike Zone supported HH USA in its’ development throughout the years and we will always be thankful to them. It has been my pleasure to train and work with the athletes of Team Strike Zone and with their renewed energy, I have no doubt the team will return to the premier status it once enjoyed.

*Continuing on our journey towards self-sufficiency, we have added new labels on our water bottles with bar codes. Shannon Brenek, resource director for HH USA and owner of Grey Dog Designs, has designed a great label and is presently designing labels for the juice bottles.

*Thanks again to Dominion Power and The Millstone Men and Women for their continuing support.

*Wrestling begins again with a pre-season youth tournament this Sunday, 10/27, at New London High School. This is expected to be a small tournament since youth football is still active and the parks and recreation wrestling programs from surrounding towns have not started. Never the less, it is certainly a chance for some youth wrestlers and high school wrestlers to kick things into gear for the new season.

We will be posting a schedule of upcoming tournament fundraisers for New London Wrestling when all dates are confirmed. Youth wrestling practice is held every Tuesday and Thursday night at our mat room located at 268 State Street in New London. Practice time is 5:30-7:30 pm.

Please stay tuned for more ……………………………


Spring 2014 Update

    With the tough winter behind us, HH USA is looking forward to a great spring and summer, with expansion of our programs and fundraising events. Presently, we are conducting an after-school program at the Winthrop Magnet School in New London. This program runs 5 days per week in eight week blocks. We are also conducting conditioning and teamwork classes for youth attending Waterford Country School. These classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Huntington Street Baptist Church gym in New London.

    With a grant forthcoming, we will be completing the boxing gym at the Thames River Apartments on Crystal Avenue in New London and expanding the hours and days the “Gloves, Not Guns” program is offered to the kids who reside there.

    The “Strings Attached” tennis program schedule for this summer will be finalized in the next few weeks. This program is held in the evenings at the New London High School tennis courts.

    The wrestling program for kids and young adults continues on a year-around schedule at the mat room in the basement of the Church of The City in New London.

*Heavy Hitters Water and Juice Company

    We love the name..! However, this is not an official company, just a name established to identify what we are doing and to provide accountability. Since many of our programs do not have fees attached for our kids to participate, raising money every month to sustain the programs becomes an arduous task. We apply for grants and reach out for donations but trying to help yourself the best way you can is an important way to show some old school principles of self-reliance. The young adults who help with this endeavor have come up through our program and are paid on a part time basis to pick-up and deliver water to individuals and businesses in our area, providing these kids with part time, important jobs and a chance to learn accountability and responsibility.

    Now to the dollars and sense of the matter..! With our cost for the water, labels and additional expenses, our profit-per-case is modest. So our goal is to sell 500 cases per month. This may sound ambitious, but we think we can do it. We delivered our first order to Muddy Waters Restaurant in New London. They are great supporters of our proram.

    We sell the water for $10.00 per case, delivered to your restaurant, store or place of business. You certainly can go to a store and buy water for $5.00 per case or less, but this water merely hydrates the body. Our water hydrates the heart and soul as well, because every case sold helps to provide more kids with access to our programs. Help us reach our goal.

    For more information or to place an order, please contact me at (860)235-0212 or by email at: kentward@heavyhittersusa.org

Thanks and best regards,
Kent Ward: Founder / Exec. Director: Heavy Hitters USA

Heavy Hitters Updates: December, 2013

... It’s that time of the year again ... wrestling is back. The mat room in the First Baptist Church is busy with kids training for our upcoming fundraising events. Our annual “Hit the Switch” youth tournament will be held at New London High School on December 29th.


Due to a conflict in scheduling (the New London High School gym floor will be refinished during our previously scheduled time-frame), the “Hit the Switch” youth wrestling tournament fundraiser will be held at Saint Bernard High School, 1593 Norwich-New London Turnpike, Uncasville, CT. 06382.

On January 12th, Heavy Hitters will help the New London High School wrestling team host a tournament on their home mats. On February 9th, the annual “husky Howl” fundraising tournament will be held at New London High. This tournament, started by John Satti, helps support the Uconn Wrestling Club. Please attend one or all of these events to help promote wrestling in our area.

Special Thanks to Dominion Power for its support of our Crystal Avenue Boxing Program. Dominion has also been a major force in our wrestling program for a number of years.

Annual Thanks to David Reindel for donating a van to our program several years ago. This van has transported boxers to Golden Gloves Tournaments; wrestlers to competition throughout Connecticut and New England; girls softball teams to out-of-state competition; dancers to competition in Connecticut and New York and kids from Crystal Avenue to our gym on Bank Street every Saturday morning. That van represents alot of hard work and has been filled with tears, cheers, laughter and a bunch of smiles. It takes all who have been in it to the road of a brighter future. Thanks again David.

Thanks again to Keith Brothers, Business Manager of Laborers Local 547 for his support of the Crystal Avenue Boxing Program.

Heavy Hitters Updates: September, 2013

As another summer is winding down, HH USA is gearing up for its’ fall and winter programing. After completing a successful summer program at the Waterford Country School, we will be introducing an after-school program at the school, which will be conducted three days per week and starting the second week of September. Also in September, the Whaling City Wrestling Club will start its’ fall session for youth wrestlers, ages 6-middle school. Flyers will be distributed to the schools in New London detailing sign-up and practice dates and times. An informational and sign-up night will be held on September 12th at the mat room located in the First Baptist Church in New London. First practice will be held on Monday, September 16th.

Big Rig Wrestling will be holding open mat practice two days a week for pre-season workouts. These sessions are for high school wrestlers from all high school or clubs that would like to participate. Practice will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 pm.

Crystal Avenue Boxing will be adding an additional night of practice to the program this fall. The number of participants has grown steadily and with limited space, it will be necessary to separate age groups into different time frames.

“String Attached Tennis” completed its first summer program. Although participation numbers were low, we were able shape the program and determine what changes will be needed before the program begins again next summer.

From the Director:

Heavy Hitters is happy to announce the addition of Shannon Brenek to the staff. Shannon will be the Director of Resource Management, coordinating fundraising efforts with the needs of our various programs. Shannon can be reached at: Shannon@greydogdesign.net

We will be posting a schedule of our fundraising events scheduled for this fall and winter in the next few weeks.

Thanks to all who have supported us and continue to support our efforts in the community.

Kent Ward

From the Director, February 1

A famous man that once walked among us here in Connecticut, Mr. Eugene O’Neill, said “A man’s work is in danger of deteriorating when he thinks he has found the single best formula for doing it. If he thinks that, he is likely to feel that all he needs is merely to go on repeating himself. So long as a person is searching for better ways of doing his work he is fairly safe…”

This passage is true for individuals in many fields like teaching and coaching, but I feel it is particularly important for programs and organizations to understand this concept as well. There are programs in New London County that work hard to help kids and young adults succeed but don’t understand the work or assistance provided by other programs. Spark Action, a journalism and advocacy site that mobilizes action for young people, stated that…{ one of the biggest problems is that the systems designed to support young people----K-12 education, afterschool, higher learning, workforce development, juvenile justice and foster care, to name a few----don’t work together or share data. In the worst cases, they may have conflicting goals and requirements}. In an effort to help provide information to the community about programs and organizations that are available and worthwhile, HH USA will post a program(s) each month on our site with contact information. After all, it does, as they say, take a village to raise a child……

Please go to www.mynlccc.org for information about the New London Community and Campus Coalition. This is a wonderful organization that was founded in 2003 to address issues of underage drinking and substance abuse. This program has expanded its mission statement and provides some great information on youth development.

Kent Ward

January Gym News

January 2013 marks the beginning of the 10th year for Heavy Hitters USA programs. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through the years. We would especially like to thank Dominion Power and the Dominion Foundation and Mr. Mike Buscetto and the Buscetto Family and Friends for their continuing support of our program and for always being there for the kids.

On January 13th, The Heavy Hitters “Hit the Switch” wrestling program had a youth wrestling tournament at New London High School. The event was a successful fundraiser, with over 25 teams participating from Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Thank you to USA Wrestling, and to the coaches, parents, wrestlers, refs, volunteers, spectators and everyone that helped make the day enjoyable and successful. Special thanks to the New London High wrestlers and coaches for helping all day; Mr. “O” Peace, programs director for HH USA; Leah Ward and her tennis girls, Brent Smith from Waterford Youth Wrestling and last but certainly not least, Mr. John “Bulldog” Satti for all his hard work and dedication to the sport and for running a great tournament.

On February 3rd, New London High School will be hosting the “Husky Howl” youth wrestling tournament as a fundraiser for UConn Wrestling and Heavy Hitters USA. Please join us for a great day and show your support for our programs. Spectator fee is only $3.00.

We are looking forward to a great year for all Heavy Hitters USA programs:

“Gloves, Not Guns” Boxing Crystal Avenue Youth Boxing

“Hit the Switch” Youth Wrestling” “Strings Attached Tennis”

“The Vagabonds Dance Crew”

Stay tuned for further updates and event dates.

November 15 Updates

That time of the year has arrived, the beginning of wrestling season!

"Hit the Switch" youth wrestling, sponsored by Dominion Power, started this past Tuesday night. The program meets Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5-7 PM at the First Baptist Church on the corner of State and Washington Streets.
The "Gloves, Not Guns" youth boxing program at Thames River Apartments (Crystal Avenue) will hold an informational and sign-up meet on Monday, Nov. 26th in the boxing room from 4-5:30 PM. We would like to thank Mr. Keith Brothers and Laborers Local 547 for donating to this program as well as the Buscetto Family And Friends Group.

Upcoming events:

November 21st: Sparring Night at the Strike Zone Gym. Fundraiser and Holiday gathering for Heavy Hitters USA and the Strike Zone Gym. Doors open at 6:00 PM

November 25th: Take Down Tournament(Youth) at New London High School to benefit the New London Whalers Wrestling Team

December 21st or 22nd: Sparring Night at the Strike Zone Gym

Stay tuned for more folks!
Have a happy and safe holiday,
Kent Ward

May 27, Gym News

The school year is about to end and summer vacation is around the corner. This year, Heavy Hitters will be offering a morning program at the Huntington Street Baptist Church gym. This program will concentrate on strength, conditioning and nutrition through activities presented in sports-related formats. This is a developmental program with plenty of fun woven in!

Starting in September, we will be providing the same program after-school at the Huntington Street Church. This program will run from 2:30-5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Also this year, we hope to bring our very successful "Gloves, Not Guns" program to some area schools. This program, sanctioned and approved by USA Boxing, is a non-contact introduction to all the aspects of boxing training, providing the kids with an interesting and fun way to exercise and develop skills they can use in any sports they play.

Youth Wrestling:
Our "Hit The Switch" youth program will be wrapping up its free-style session in a few weeks when Coach Rashib Robledo and his Whaling City Warriors travel to Danbury on June 17th for the Connecticut Freestyle Championship. The coaches and kids have worked hard during this session and HH USA is very proud of all their efforts.
The schedule for the next session will be posted as soon as it's established.
Follow the kids on the Whaling City Wrestling Club Facebook page.


February 21, Gym News

Congratulations to Cassius Chaney and Kelsey Kaiser for winning the 2012 New England Golden Gloves Championship in their respective weight classes. This was the first title for Cassius and the second consecutive title for Kelsey who also captured the PAL Championship Belt on her way to her Golden Gloves victory!

February 1, 2012 Updates


Update on the youth wrestling program:

While work continues on the renovation of our mat room in the First Baptist Church, the youth wrestling team is practicing at the Huntington Street Baptist Church Monday and Tuesday nights, from 5:30-7:45.
For more information, contact Coach Rashib at: (860)333-4464.

Crystal Avenue boxing program:

Work on the new boxing room at the Thames River Apartments has been ongoing. The room has been painted and the ring and heavy bags will be installed in the next few weeks. Heavy Hitters USA would like to thank the Buscetto Family & Friends Fund and Mr. Keith Brothers and Laborers Local 547 for their generous donations and support for this important project. We would also like to thank Mr. John Carey of Waterford for the donation he made to Heavy Hitters in the name of his uncle. Banners will be displayed in the gym, showing the kids the names of the people and organizations who believe in them and in what can be achieved here.

Holidays Season Updates, December 10


Update on the Mat Room

Our new mat will arrive at the end of December and work continues on the restoration of the mat room. Our new target date is January 2nd. Sorry for the delay, but team practice continues at the Strike Zone Gym and competition for the winter season starts on November 27th. at New Milford High School.

"Gloves, Not Guns" Boxing Program

We hope to be starting a boxing program in the Thames River Apartments on Crystal Avenue in New London by January 2nd. We are following the trail of the former Taino Boxing Club that operated there several years ago. Our former gym, WAC Boxing, helped get Taino started and we look forward to continuing some of the fine work Taino accomplished. With the help of Dominion Power, we will be putting equipment and staff together over the next few weeks.

Happy Holidays from Heavy Hitters USA and everyone at the Strike Zone Gym!

Whaling City Takedown Tournament, November 27


Heavy Hitters USA would like to thank everyone involved with the Whaling City Takedown Tournament and the Max Askren Clinic. It was a great day for all. This was an event co-hosted by the Whaling City Wrestling Club and Waterford Youth Wrestling. We look forward to having Max back at a future event.
Thanks to:
Max Askren: 2010 NCAA D-1 National Champion
Brennan Ward: Assistant Wrestling Coach, Johnson and Wales University
Orlando Peace and Liz Burdick
Brent Smith and Family
USAWCT: Sarah Jadach and Paul DeFosse
New London High School and Mike Gorton: Asst. NLHS Wrestling Coach
Members of the Uconn Wrestling Club
Steve Bilheimer and CJ Satti for the use of the Ledyard Mats
All the wrestling clubs, coaches and parents that participated in the event
All the volunteers that helped before and throughout the day
The Norwich Bulletin for covering the event.
SPECIAL THANKS to John Satti and Family and their hard work and dedication to the sport of wrestling. John's energy and perseverance, which are pulled in many directions, are important ingredients in our recipe for success.

Update on Mat Room, November 3


To the wrestlers, parents and supporters:

Work continues on the repairs in the mat room. New wrestling mats have been ordered and we hope to be in full operation by the end of November.

Thanks again for your patience and a special "thank you" to Darryl MarcAurele, HH USA Associate Director and Gentleman James Fainer and the Blue Collar Brigade of Millstone Point. These men and women, representing the Connecticut Building Trades, have been been great supporters of the Heavy Hitters Program and have responded again with a generous donation to help with the mat room repairs.

Corporate Dominion, our "Hit the Switch, From the Street to the Mat" program sponsor and the men and women of Millstone will always have the gratitude of every young wrestler in our program.

Team picture. CT Freestyle State Championships, 6/18/11

Notice, October 25


The mat room in the First Baptist Church is temporarily closed due to water problems and restoration in the church. We are not sure at the present time how much of our equipment will be lost but we have made arrangements at another location to continue our program while these problems are addressed. Sorry about the inconvenience.
We will post the days and times of practice as soon as we are up-and-running.

Updates and News, September 26

Whaling City Boxing:

  Whaling City Wrestling:


The Whaling City Boxing Team has been competing in New England and throughout Connecticut in preparation for the 2012 Western New England Golden Gloves Championship in January and February. Whaling City wants to bring the Team Championship Title they won in 2010 back to New London for 2012!

Congratulations to Angel Guzman for a great win at the San Juan Center in Hartford last Saturday night. Angel is now 7-0 and a hopeful for the 132 pound division Golden Gloves Championship. Kelsey Kaiser, our 112 pound Western New England and Regional Champion, with be fighting for the P.A.L. Belt in Fall River this Friday night (9/23).


Good luck from Lady Luck Boxing!



The Whaling City Wrestling Club is up and running for the Fall season. The hours are as follows:


Monday and Wednesday: Tadpoles ( ages 3-6 ) 5:00 pm-5:45pm


Monday and Wednesday: Wrestlers, ages 7-High School-- 6:00 pm-7:45pm


Friday: Team only practice to be scheduled by coaching staff.


Men's Team: Times and days to be established.


All wrestlers, with the exception on non-competing Tadpoles, must have a USA Wrestling Card!


For more information, please call Ramonita Ramos, Registration Director for WCWC:

( 860 ) 857-7242.

August 10, 2011, Message from the Founder and Director: The Wrestling Room Banner Program

Please let me take a moment to explain the purpose of the Banner Ad Campaign because there are two import parts to this program. First, the more obvious part is the financial aspect. Proceeds from this program will help defray travel expenses and entrance fees to competition and help purchase head gear, singlets, knee pads and uniforms.

The second part, equally as important, is the chance to point out to the kids, young adults and coaches the businesses in the community that believe in and support all the hard work and effort that goes in to a wrestling program. This is a way to quietly cheer for these kids every night they are in the mat room surrounded by these banners and a tangible way to demonstrate that businesses are an enormously important part of the community and their support is essential to the success of these programs. Many young people don't understand the hard work that goes into operating a business, and this is also an opportunity to point out to the wrestlers and parents that we need to help support the people that support us!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing your banner flying!
Kent Ward.

July 25, 2011, A Note from the Director: A busy Saturday!

Heavy Hitters USA and the "Hit the Switch" wrestling program would like to thank Blair Tugman and the Team Tugman wrestlers and parents for coming to the Whaling City Wrestling Club for a scrimmage. It was a great session and something we certainly will continue in the future.

From the "boxing front" at Nomads Adventure Quest in South Windsor, CT., congratulations to Miguel Soto for his 1st round win (TKO) in his first time competing in the 152 pound weight class and in the Open Class Division ( 10 fights and over). Miguel showed good ring command and demonstrated that the hard work he puts in will make him a top contender in the 2012 Golden Gloves.

Also, congratulations to John "Football" Naples for his 1st round TKO win (RSC) at the Hu Ke Lau in Chicopee, Mass. John, fighting for Darryl MarcAurele's Team Strike Zone, competes in Amateur Mixed Martial Arts. Great job by Big "D" and John's teammates to get him ready for this event. John trained hard for this and clearly showed he will be a force to contend with in future events.

June 25, 2011

Help support WHALING CITY WRESTLING CLUB and the “HIT THE SWITCH, FROM THE STREET TO THE MAT” Youth Program with your company banner that will be proudly displayed in our new mat room, along with banners from other businesses that believe in the importance of what will be achieved here. More info >>>>


March 25, 2011

Heavy Hitters USA is extremely pleased to announce that Dominion Power has come on board as our major corporate sponsor, helping to fund the Whaling City Wrestling Club and its "Hit the Switch, From the Street to the Mat" youth and young adult wrestling program.


Dominion employees have been very supportive of the Heavy Hitters program through the years, but with this commitment and generous contribution from Dominion Corporation, we feel we have attained a new level of recognition. We would like to thank Mr. Arnold "Skip" Jordan and the wonderful people from the Dominion Foundation for making this gift possible.


"Heavy Hitters USA, providing a path to a brighter future;

Dominion Power, helping to light the way"



February 21, 2011

Schedule Update: Wrestling

Starting on Monday, February 21st, the schedule for Whaling City Wrestling Club practice, held in the Mat Room at the First Baptist Church, will be as follows:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
*Tadpole Wrestling: 4:00-4:45 pm Ages 3-6
*Youth Wrestling: 5:00-6:45 pm Ages 7-12
*High School and Adult Wrestling: Days and times will be established this week.


Schedule Update: Boxing

Starting on Tuesday, February 22nd, the schedule for Whaling City Boxing Club's "Gloves
not Guns" program, held at the The Strike Zone, will be as follows:
*All ages are welcome on Saturday mornings, from 10:00-11:30 am.
*Youth Boxing: Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-4:30 pm. Ages 7-12
Older kids interested in boxing can join the Whaling City Boxing Club and attend
practice on days and at times established by their coaches


February 15, 2011

    Heavy Hitters USA would like to congratulate Kelsey Kaiser and Marcia Agripino for winning the 2011 Western New England Golden Gloves Novice Championships in the woman's 112lb. and 125 lb. divisions and advancing to the New England Championship finals at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell Mass., on Tuesday, February 15Th at 7:30 pm. Kelsey and Marcia represent Whaling City Boxing Club's "Lady Luck" Boxing Team and have been very supportive of the Heavy Hitters USA programs.

Good luck ladies and remember, hands up, chin down and keep punching!

January 31, 2011

    Results from 2011 Western New England Golden Gloves:
Miguel Soto, representing the Whaling City Boxing Club, won his quarter final and semi-final matches to advance into the finals on February 5th at Nomads Adventure Center in Windsor, Connecticut. Miguel, boxing in the 141 pound weight class, joins teammates Roberto Vega and Kelsey Kaiser in their quest for the Golden Gloves Championship.

Congratulations and good luck from everyone at Heavy Hitters USA!



January 15, 2011

    It's official! The new wrestling mat room in the First Baptist Church is up and running. Youth practice is held every Monday and Wednesday from 5-7 pm. If anyone is interested in participating in the program, please call Kent at (860) 235-0212. We will be having an official grand opening sometime in February.

Heavy Hitters USA would like to thank everyone involved with the youth tournament held January 2nd at New London High School and hosted by the Whaling City Wrestling Club. The New London High wrestling coaches and many of their wrestlers volunteered at the event and were a great help. Special thanks to Ledyard High School and Middle School for lending their mats to us and to everyone who put in the time and effort to make our first tournament a success.






September 1, We're back!

    It's been fun and productive Summer! Sorry about the delay in posting updates and schedules. We've been putting some new projects together and this has taken more time and resources than expected! However, things are coming together and we will continue to provide our usual programs while we are working on development in other areas.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead


Sunday, May 30th, Whaling City Wrestling Club's youth program made its 2010 debut at the Battle in the Valley Tournament hosted by Farmington High School.

   Whaling City Wrestling Club's coach Rashib Robledo was pleased with the way the kids wrestled and how well they conducted themselves throughout the day. Although there were only four wrestlers from the club, it marked the beginning of a new era for New London youth wrestling.


The following kids competed in the tournament:

Nicholas Ramos-- Middle School division
Keith Verdini--Middle School division
Deyvon Verdini--Elementary School division (3rd place)
Hashim Barnhill--Elementary School division (3rd place)

Congratulations on a great day!


Update from Kent Ward, Program Director:

   We are moving forward with our work in the First Baptist Church and hope to have the new wrestling room operational in July. During the summer, some of the organizations partnering with Heavy Hitters will be initiating their programs in the Church and together we will be working to establish a community center for the people of New London and surrounding towns.

A word about the wrestling program:
The Whaling City Wrestling Club has established a program for Heavy Hitters USA called "On the Mat, Off the Street". This program is comparable to the "Gloves, not Guns" program provided to Heavy Hitters by the Whaling City Boxing Club. The purpose of this wrestling program is to introduce area youth to wrestling and provide them with the skills and ability to wrestle in a school program if they so choose. The priority is to get these kids off the street and into something meaningful where they are supported by good coaches who are even better mentors. The lessons these kids are taught about hard work, perseverance, respect, honesty and dignity are lessons that will be woven into the fabric of their lives. This program is presently operating at the Strike Zone on Bank Street every Saturday morning from 10:00 to 11:30 AM. at no fee along with the "Gloves, not Guns" program.

Saturday, April 24 - Heavy Hitters USA visit to the Coast Guard Academy

    The Coast Guard Academy is excited to invite Heavy Hitters USA and various students from the surrounding Greater New London Area for an immersive day on campus. Students will interact with cadets, athletes, and administrators as they tour the facilities. This event looks to support the efforts of New London’s superb non-profit organization: Heavy Hitters USA. In addition, the Academy will continue to host events like this as we celebrate 100 years in the City of New London. See you Saturday!!


- 10am - Arrive @ CGA


-Free Lunch For Students


    For more info contact:

Mr. Orlando Peace

Tel: 860-449-3179

Email: opeace@comcast.net

April 14 - Applebee's Fundraiser

gloves not guns     Heavy Hitters USA would like to thank everyone involved with the April 11th fundraiser hosted by Applebee's Restaurant in Groton, Connecticut. This event was very successful and benefited Whaling City Boxing Club's "Gloves, not Guns" youth program. Special thanks to Applebee's and their wonderful staff; Mr. Orlando Peace, HH USA Program Coordinator and his "crew" of kids and coaches; and extra special thanks to the event coordinator Kelsey Kaiser, her family and her ever supportive teammates on Whaling City's Lady Luck Boxing Team. We would also like to express our appreciation to everyone who purchased tickets and attended this event. Your support helps make our program a success!

A word about the November 20th Event
from Kent Ward, Program Director for Heavy Hitters USA

    Sixty-one years ago, boxing was discontinued at the United States Coast Guard Academy, the year I was born. Maybe it was fate that, having been involved with boxing for over forty years, I would have some small part in the return of a boxing event to the Academy, located in the city where I grew up. Probably not, but Heavy Hitters USA certainly had a very prominent role in its return. With the help of Mr. Al Valenti, boxing promoter from Boston and the Connecticut USA Boxing Program, Heavy Hitters USA was able to bring the United States Marine Corps Boxing Team to New London for the first time. The Coast Guard Academy, through the efforts of their boxing coach Chris Soto, hosted the event and did a great job. Billard Hall, where the competition was held, was filled with energy, enthusiasm and cadets that were helpful throughout the event. One could almost feel the presence of the ghosts of boxing past smiling with pride in the arena they had competed in themselves so many years ago. There were also fans from New London who had never been inside the Academy gates before. Because of boxing, the playing field had been leveled and the cadets and the New London fans stood side-by-side for a moment that many will never forget.

Coast Guard Academy Boxing Show

    I would like to thank everyone involved with the production of this event and the sponsors and donors whose contributions helped Heavy Hitters defray some of the expenses. I would especially like to thank Mr. Orlando Peace, Program Coordinator for Heavy Hitters USA, for all the work he did and continuously does for the program, and Chris Soto and Tom Barile, CGA boxing coaches, for the work they do with their boxing program and for opening the “doors of possibilities” for the Heavy Hitters program.

Best Regards,
Kent Ward

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We would like to thank the Charter Oak Federal Credit Union and Kimberly Bartlett, Community Relations Coordinator, for the generous contribution to our program.

Special thanks to our supporters for their continuing belief in the people and programs of Heavy Hitters USA:


Mr. Arnold "Skip" Jordan and the Dominion Power Group;

Mr. David J. Reindel and the Reindel Family Foundation and National Endowment;

Lisa M. Beers and the Waterford Group Charitable Foundation, Inc.

all supporters >>>>